October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). As a result, this yearly event invites employers encouraging workplace diversity to honor their staff members with differing abilities. The message behind this month-long celebration focuses on highlighting workplace inclusion of people from all walks of life.

Employ, Empower: Achieve

In honor of NDEAM, Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) will host its second annual Employ, Empower: Achieve (E2A) awards this October. The E2A awards recognize individuals and organizations from across Brevard. It honors those who have taken part in creating opportunities for people with disabilities in their workplace. Our community continuously grows because of this acceptance, allowing individuals to achieve personal success.

At this year’s celebration ceremony, multiple awards are up for grabs. The Employ, Empower award recognizes local organizations that create job opportunities for people with disabilities. Similarly, the Moving Forward award acknowledges individuals and/or organizations that made special efforts in assisting those with disabilities. Two factors taken into consideration are the teaching of new skills and the improved accessibility of employment opportunities. Lastly, an individual with disabilities is presented with the Believe and Achieve award. Those with significant personal efforts in achieving success in work and/or life qualify for this award. These honorable credentials shine light on how the Brevard community is forever growing.

In addition, the E2A celebration features a special guest speaker, Rachel Simon. Simon, known for her work as a bestselling author, is also a nationally renowned public speaker. She truly prides herself on showcasing issues related to diversity and disabilities.

“Throughout the year, many in the Brevard community empower individuals with disabilities by giving them a chance to work, enhance their job skills or offer inspiration,” shares BAC President and CEO, Amar Patel. “These awards are just a small way we can acknowledge the major impact these organizations and individuals have made on our community.”

For more information on the E2A awards and to see how you can reserve your seat, visit bacbrevard.com.


Flyer for the E2A awards.

Due to Brevard’s continued success, the E2A awards are back to celebrate you!

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