Jacob is a 17-year-old High School student who has always enjoyed making and fixing things. He has refurbished several guitars of his own and expressed an interest in working in a music store.

His BAC team helped him find an On-The-Job-Training position at a local music store in Melbourne. Jacob learned about the resources available to him through BAC’s High School Program. Coordinators work closely with school administrators, teachers, and local businesses to help students identify their individual interests and skills to expand their awareness of career opportunities. Interview preparation, resume writing, proper interview attire, and soft skills etiquette are also taught during the school year. Overall, the program has a tremendous impact on students as they prepare to make realistic career choices after graduation.

Jacob now works after school and some weekends. His tasks include tuning the guitars in the store and he is learning to string different models of guitars. In addition, he is learning basic “shop upkeep” skills such as cleaning the store, stocking shelves, answering phones and greeting customers.

Jacob loves his job and several of his coworkers have described him as “Awesome”. Way to go Jacob!


Jacob is an Empowered and Employed High Schooler! 

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