Happy (virtual) demo day! Although we’re disappointed to not be able to celebrate their accomplishments in person, we’d like to extend a big congratulations to our most recent Fibonacci student cohorts.


Our Phase 1 Student Interns are required to earn 3 Google Analytics certifications, up to Google Analytics Power Users, while learning and working in HTML and CSS!


Our Phase 2 students have worked very hard over the past few months to learn and apply the critical concepts of JavaScript, and we’re excited to share with you all the results of all their efforts.


We’re incredibly proud of both the work they’ve accomplished and the confidence they exhibit as they discuss their projects.


Below are links to amazing video demos from our students.

Click on the video thumbnail to play the video, press the “F” key to make the video full screen. Press “ESC” to exit full-screen.

Phase 1 Students

Bulbasaur Cohort

Aaric Miller

Carson Brown

Addison Braun

Emily Roman

Alexander Plonsky

John Woodson

Angeline Deevers

Ponyta Cohort

Daniel Gaudig

Miguel Hernandez

Leeya Jomon

Jordan Calderon

Mason Powell-Judd

Kellen Mclennan Vanberkum

Michael Deeb

Kenneth Wise

Mew Cohort

Aashvi Patel

Joseph Ciardullo

Alexis Evans

Levin Jomon

Charlie Pepin

Nathan Meikle

Dyani Peterson

Phase 2 Students

Charmander-Eevee Cohort

Brandon Greaves

Kenneth Quinones

Ori Bechtel

Christopher Maine

Madisen Moore-Battle

Shaquan Rich

Joey Llinas

Michael Stuteville

Josh McKenzie

Nicholas Hill

Pilot Program Students

Pikachu Cohort

Austin Schroeter

Carl Westcott

Kamryn Cormier

Lex Pitt

About the Fibonacci Program:
Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) and Codecraft Works will collaborate to deliver a year-long work-study program for students ages 14 to 21, built on the following training and curriculum in web development, web accessibility, and data analysis developed by Codecraft Works with input from collaborators, industry partners, open-source materials, and independent research.

The inaugural pilot Fibonacci program launched in June of 2019 with 8 participants during 3 phases of on-the-job training and project-based learning. This pre-employment training experience is the first of its kind for BAC and groundbreaking in its potential to open up new types of sustainable career pathways in the growing field of technology.

Another way that this particular training experience is unique is in our team commitment to addressing diversity and inclusion in computing and STEM fields. To make sure this technical instruction can be successfully delivered to differently-abled students, when assigning a task we regularly duplicate instruction to include both written and verbal communication. We read text-heavy lessons out loud together and encourage students to follow along and ask questions. We use live demonstrations and a “screen brush” to create spotlights and underline parts of the screen to grab attention and maintain engagement. We plan and give small but frequent “brain breaks,” and we are dedicated to an atmosphere of psychological safety for all participants, minimizing the effects of social anxiety on participation and learning.

The Codecraft Works cloud-hosted and browser-based technology tools and community platform are created in-part through a research and development effort for the National Science Foundation (NSF). Inclusion and diversity are at the core of our work to impact and expand the STEM talent pipeline, making tools and opportunities available to all.

To learn more about the program please contact Susan Bassett at sbassett@bacbrevard.com or 321.446.3539

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