Adult Day Training Program

Individuals with disabilities who need a more supervised environment with which to thrive find the Adult Day Training (ADT) program the perfect solution.

Classes in areas like social etiquette, computers, cooking, budgeting and art provide daily enrichment while employment opportunities in BAC’s Production Center give ADT participants a way to make additional income, learn self-sufficiency and boost self-esteem. Most importantly, each person receives individualized coaching along with a personalized educational, recreational and employment schedule for those who wish to work.

Contact Habilitation Manager, Angela Huether or (321) 632-8610, ext. 233 for more information.

“When our son graduated from high school and we needed a day program for him to go to we looked in the Orlando area, where we were living at the time, and here in Brevard where we still had a house. Our decision was a no-brainer after that because as far as we’re concerned, BAC is the Harvard of day programs, period. It’s the entire reason we moved back to Brevard County and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

Kathy Abelove, BAC parent

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