PACE Virtual At-Home Learning Program

Mock Job Interview: Do’s and Don’ts

Teachable Moments for the PACE Mock Interview Skit:
  • Discuss body language of 2 applicants/interviewees throughout the video – The good and bad of everyone from the interview. For example: Kayla’s reaction to Mandee vs her body language towards Danell; Mandee’s bad and good body language; Danell’s/Interviewer’s tone and body language towards both interviewees.  What could have each of them done to improve the overall appropriateness/ effectiveness of the interview?
  • Think before you speak. What you intend to be a good thing to say, could be interpreted by your interviewer with a negative perspective.
  • Follow the polite rhythm and the expected manners of a discussion. Wait for when it is appropriate to speak.  Do not interrupt. ****Also, a good time to remind the students that this is why you have your questions written down and bring them with you.  It shows you made the effort to prepare and helps you have better questions to ask during the interview.
  • Ask students if they hear Mandee tapping her fingers while Kayla is answering (at 5:10 in video ~ which could be interpreted as a sign of being bored)? Try to prevent other distracting background noises.
  • When in a group interview, pay attention to how the interviewer responds to your competition’s answers. (5:45 ~ When Danell says that she and Kayla are alike in being planners, Mandee missed the chance to pick up on that hint and try to work a related strength that she might have along the same lines at a different point in the interview.)
  • 6: 04 ~ make sure that you answer the question asked. You can bring up other information that you would like to share at a more appropriate point in the interview
  • 6:47 ~ follow/respect the Interviewer’s interview format. Some interviewers like to have more of a discussion with the applicants.  While others prefer for you to keep your questions until the end.  (Another reason why it is a good idea to have a pad of paper and pen with you.  This way if a question pops into your mind, you can write it down to ask later without forgetting.)
  • 10:14 ~ Use the restroom before an interview. AND realize if your mic is on, it will pick up all noises in the room.  You could choose the mute your mic when it is not your turn, but do not forget to turn it back on!! 😊
  • 12:03 ~ Do not come across as a know-it-all/ overly confident/ pushy!!


After The Video – Brainstorm:
    • How to do the new “social distancing” greeting for an in-person interview vs an online interview? What is different/ same about these 2 types of interviews?  How would you prepare differently/ similarly for each?
    • How do you handle if one of the other people being interviewed puts you down during the interview?
    • How could you react or not react to someone who may not be acting appropriately during the interview or gives an answer you think is inappropriate? Is it your place to do or say anything?
    • What could be the possible consequences/ interviewer’s interpretation of your behavior for the above two questions?
    • Discuss background scenes of each interviewee and lighting, distance from computer camera, volume, etc.
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