Reliable transportation continues to top the list of barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment by persons with disabilities. That is why in 2017 Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) launched their transportation department for approximately 20 current associates and participants in various programs.

The purple, green and gold BAC vans run every weekday providing safe rides for persons with disabilities to and from work and training opportunities.  Although BAC’s Transportation Program is unable to serve all who need reliable rides, in its third year of operation, annual service has grown to 1,940 trips for 70 people.

Molly was the first person to utilize the BAC Transportation service in 2017. She had been taking public transportation changing three busses, clocking about 3 hours each way to her 4-hour shift. “That’s when I was working the morning shift, and it was really hard to find a way to get back and forth from home.”

While the bus service in Brevard County can be both affordable and reliable, for a person with disabilities a 10-hour day can lead to undue anxiety and further exacerbate health problems.

When Molly began using the BAC transportation service, her travel time to and from work was drastically cut down. “It helped a lot money-wise, it helped a lot of being safe and everything else and being on time instead of waiting in the rain, the weather and all that stuff.”

For Molly, the transportation service provided at no cost to her by BAC, is a crucial part of her success at work.

This service is supplemented by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation and Federal Transportation Agency, empowering those who use the service to focus on their employment opportunities. However, this support does not cover all the costs and community donations would help close the gap.

“Thank you for supporting this program. It helps people like me get to work. I need my job and I need my income. Having the drivers helps me and my whole team at work.”

For anyone interested in donating to “keep the BAC vans rolling” for individuals with disabilities, please click or call Susan McGrath at 321-632-8610 X 204 today!

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