Judy patiently waiting to go to the concert

Those who’ve had the pleasure of meeting Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) day client Judy W. know that she’s a huge Bon Jovi fan. In fact, several years ago she and her brother bought tickets to a Bon Jovi concert and were really looking forward to spending an evening out on the town together jamming to their favorite band. As the eve of the concert approached, Judy could not contain her excitement, and when the day finally arrived, she and her brother spent the night listening to Jon Bon Jovi and company.

Judy’s brother died unexpectedly shortly after their fun night out. Listening to the band she once loved so much became too painful after her brother’s death. But as the years went by, Judy came to the conclusion that in order to accept her brother’s passing, she needed to go see Bon Jovi again. Thanks to BAC’s Dream. Wish. Wonder. program, Judy got that chance.

Surrounded by thousands of other raving fans, Judy and her Supported Living Coach Megan Culpeper went to the Bon Jovi concert at Orlando’s Amway Center on April 18 because of the program. She even got to purchase a tour t-shirt, a souvenir that will always remind her of the exciting time she had because of BAC’s generous supporters.

“The concert was great. Judy had such a fun time,” Culpeper said. “She was up dancing and singing and screaming…she kept saying ‘thanks so much!’ We had a great time.”

Judy even wrote a note of thanks to Culpeper that read, “Thank you to all the Brevard Achievement Center staff for letting me go see Bon Jovi.”

Rocking out again with her favorite band gave Judy the homecoming and closure she needed. And because of that experience, Judy has a new outlook on life that will last forever.

For more information about the Dream. Wish. Wonder. program, contact Gabby Hall.

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