About BAC

Our mission is to provide persons with disabilities innovative services and opportunities to achieve personal success.


We are dedicated to building communities that support members of all abilities in finding meaningful purpose and reaching their highest potential in life.


Our values help bring our vision to life, drive our culture and frame our mission-centric business strategies.

Customer Centered

Our priority is people. The needs of our varied stakeholders come first, with each group being equally valued and considered in our decision making.


We actively embrace our own development, and encourage it in those around us, to better support and propel expansion of our mission impact. We seek creative solutions to challenges and encourage innovative approaches that help us work more effectively as a team and continuously improve as an organization.


Each team member honors and upholds our personal role in meeting and exceeding our commitments to our stakeholders. We respectfully work together to provide excellent levels of service and support, and we help hold each other accountable to our mission and vision.


We are defined by our strength of character. We set high standards and meet them, while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, moral and ethical responsibility.  We are worthy of the trust our stakeholders place in us.


We serve with positive, motivated attitudes and celebrate successes with enthusiasm. We actively choose to be hopeful about the opportunities ahead of us. We seek to fully understand the actions and decisions of our teammates and seek clarification when necessary while assuming positive intentions.


Leadership & Board of Directors

Every day, BAC does more than provide employment and empowerment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. We help inspire dreams in thousands of people throughout the southeast US and beyond. The vision of our leadership team and board of directors is focused on the programs and initiatives that will build a community where people of all abilities can experience the pride that comes with being as independent, resourceful and self-reliant as possible. A vision that hopes to change lives for the better.

Amar Patel - President and Chief Executive Officer

Amar Patel

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Rogers CFO

Ryan Rogers

Vice President, Administration & CFO

Carl Stephens VP Opertions

Carl Stephens

Vice President, Operations

Josephine (Jo) Hughes - Vice President, Human Resources

Josephine (Jo) Hughes

Vice President, Human Resources

Robert Gramolini - VP ETS

Robert Gramolini

Vice President, Employment Transition Services

Susan McGrath

Vice President, Business Development & Government Relations

Keri Goff Director, Community Relations

Keri Goff

Director, Community Relations

Crystal Fuller Director of Production and Logistics

Crystal Fuller

Director, Production & Logistics



Patricia Tellechea, Chair

CEO & President
Gimex, USA

Julie Thompson, Vice Chair

Director of Operations
Lotane & Associates, P.A.

Jason Miller, Treasurer

Senior Relationship Manager
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Diane E. Payne, Secretary

Community Volunteer

Don Weiss, Immediate Past Chair

Community Volunteer



Ellen P. Brown

Project Manager
Aerodyne Industries (KSC)

Christopher Delaney

Vice President, Major Account Development
Acara Solutions

Peter S. Kamon

Director, Professional Development & Learning
Health First

Cindy S. Kane

Community Volunteer






Karen Ludeman

Community Volunteer

Trudy M. McCarthy

Sr. Director – Marketing & Strategic Initiatives
EDC of Florida’s Space Coast

D. Travis Proctor

Artemis, Inc.

Michael S. Rogero

Community Volunteer




The history and growth of Brevard Achievement Center is a story of opportunity for people with disabilities. As the District Director for Vocational Rehabilitation in 1967, Bill Cox was forced to drive across the state to use St. Petersburg facilities to evaluate, train and provide work experience for adults with disabilities from Brevard County. Cox diligently worked to illustrate the needs of people with disabilities and on February 8, 1968, Brevard County Community Achievement Center (BCCAC) was born. Led by Ammon G. Belleman, Jr., the local IBM general manager, BCCAC’s first Board created the following goals:

  • Build dignity and self-respect for persons with disabilities.
  • Make tax payers out of tax users.
  • Prevent institutionalization for many people.
  • Return to the community at least part of the cost of serving persons with disabilities by developing economically useful members of society to reduce dependence.

Donald Swickert, BCCAC’s first Executive Director, and a team of three staff members served seven clients in what became a permanent location at 1845 Cogswell Street in Rockledge, where Brevard Achievement Center (as it was renamed in 1975) still is headquartered today.

Crew working on the Crawler at KSC

BAC Today

BAC has grown to a premier agency providing employment and empowerment programs designed to help more than 3,000 people with unique abilities annually achieve as much independence and personal success possible. Forging key corporate partnerships and working with the AbilityOne Program, the enterprise now offers employment opportunities to more than 600 people at federal contract sites across Florida, Puerto Rico, Virginia and North Carolina. BAC’s longstanding partnership with Brevard Public Schools allows BAC to reach out to students with disabilities to help them plan for the future.

The commitment of BAC’s founders, parents, dedicated staff employees and numerous volunteers has played a critical role in the formation of its quality programs and services offered. This legacy of service and commitment is instilled in the organization and is seen each day in the many ways BAC serves its participants, business partners, customers, and families….and ultimately its mission.

BAC FY23 990


BAC HOTLINE: (321)890-1825

Brevard Achievement Center has a hotline to report corruption, fraud, waster or abuse.

Employee corruption involving bribery, embezzlement, espionage and smuggling.
Program fraud, financial crimes involving blackmail, contract fraud, grant fraud, immigration fraud and program theft; civil rights or civil liberties abuses involving deaths, denial of rights, profiling and use of force concerns;
Criminal and non-criminal misconduct involving abuse and violence, child pornography, unauthorized use of information technology systems, suspicious activity, ethics violations, and prohibited personnel practices such as Whistleblower retaliation.

Give as much information as possible (i.e. the violation, names of alleges offenders, victims witnesses, and other evidence).


The mission of the DoD Hotline is to provide a confidential, reliable means to report violations of law, rule, or regulation; fraud, waste, and abuse; mismanagement; trafficking in persons; serious security incidents; or other criminal or administrative misconduct that involve DoD personnel and operations, without fear of reprisal.
E-mail: hotline@dodig.mil


Credentials and Certifications

Top Secret Security Clearance

Transportation Worker Identification Credential

Brevard Achievement Center proudly holds the highest accreditation from CARF International, a nonprofit organization that offers accreditation services and support for health and human services programs. This accreditation shows that Brevard Achievement Center is committed to meeting international standards of quality.


  • Custodial
  • Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS)
  • CIMS Green Building with Honors
  • Certified Laundry and Linen Management
  • International Executive Housekeepers Association
  • Food Operations: ServSafe
  • Building Services: Facility Management Professional
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Level 1
  • Grounds Operations: Sports Turfgrass Maintenance


  • Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast
  • Area Chambers of Commerce
  • Military Affairs Council
  • Florida Public Relations Association
  • South Brevard Society of Human Resources Management
  • American Advertising Federation