Pictures of the '84 Girl Scouts Jamboree and campground map

A map of the 1984 Walt Disney World Girl Scout Scamporee.

BAC team members recently unearthed photos and documents from a Girl Scouts trip in 1984. A walk down memory lane transpired from there.

BAC’s Girl Scouts Troop

Records show BAC’s Girl Scouts troop, the Explorer Scouts, had a great year in 1984. A well planned trip to  the Girl Scouts Scamporee at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness campground made the biggest impact.

An itinerary for the '84 Girl Scouts Jamboree

Weekend schedule for the Explorer Scout camping trip.

Outdoor skills were put to the test. Survival in the wilderness was an important skill to learn too. A typical day began with a 7:30 a.m. wake-up call followed by breakfast at Ticochee Lodge. Activities ranging from roasting marshmallows to opening and closing flag ceremonies were performed each day. A talent show and dinner were also held in the evening. Free time via floating campfires were part of the nighttime festivities as well.

Enjoying the campground meant sleeping bags and bug spray were a must. But so were long pants, rain coats, hat and bathing suits too. Surviving in the wilderness was the test the Explorer Scouts were put to each day of the three-day trip. But, more importantly fun was also on the agenda.

BAC’s Explorer Scouts visited the Patrick Air Force Base fire station that same year. Learning how firefighters at Patrick Air Force Base keep the base from going up in flames was one of the many topics covered by base firefighters. Rumor has it that the troop enjoyed this excursion a lot.

From what we can tell, 1984 was a great year to be a BAC Explorer Scout.

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