BAC is making a difference in so many lives. Brian D is another example of this success.

Brian’s dream started when he made his decision to go back to school because he loved school. In the summer of 2011, Brian was referred to Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) Employment Coordinator, Glenda Broderick by Vocational Rehabilitation for employment services. Brian was 18 at the time. During his initial interview at BAC with Glenda, she discovered he quit school in the seventh grade because his parents felt that homeschooling him was a better option. Glenda was very honest and told Brian and his parents that it was going to be virtually impossible to find him a job with just a seventh-grade education.

BAC Helps Clients Find SuccessDuring the interview process, Glenda asked Brian if he could do anything in the world what would it be and Brian answered, “Go back to school.” Glenda found Brian to be a young man determined to finish high school so she was determined to get him back in school. She met with Guidance Counselor, Christine Barbuto at Bayside High School and told her about Brian.

When Mrs. Barbuto heard Brian’s story, she also wanted him to attend Bayside. Mrs. Barbuto knew Glenda and believed in her. They met with the principal, who did not know Brian, but who trusted Mrs. Barbuto about his character. Brian’s dad said that he was very “stoked” when Brian went back to school. He said “he is even more responsible after getting a job and nothing is going to stop Brian.” Brian said it wasn’t a hard decision to go back to school, he loved it. It was important for him to graduate and get his diploma so he could find somewhere to work.

Through the Option 2 program and his amazing teacher, Peggy Dowling, Brian was able to complete his required core credits. With the help of Glenda he also was able to get a job at Publix to obtain the other required credits in order to graduate. Brian felt some of his greatest accomplishments had to do with the people who helped him and who are also his role models like his dad, Glenda Broderick, Mrs. Barbuto and Mrs. Dowling.

But, it was Brian’s motivation that made him succeed. It was important for him to go back and get his diploma, which he completed in three years. Brian also faced the challenge of riding his bike to and from school, for an hour each way, because he did not have transportation. All the people involved in Brian’s success, watching him walk across the stage at graduation, had a lot of mixed emotions. They were proud of him. Some cried and said that he belonged there and some couldn’t explain in words the feelings and pride of that day.

What Brian would tell other students is to succeed and you will have more ability to do what you want to do; nothing will get in your way. Brian said, “Keep going forward. Go for it. Follow your dreams.”

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

BAC’s unparalleled services are truly unlike anything found across the state, giving people with disabilities the opportunity to achieve personal success and become a contributing member to their community. That is truly a gift that lasts a lifetime. Please choose to give to BAC. It is truly a gift that will make a difference. #powerofBAC

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