Everyone has one thing in common that occurs in their lives every year. Though, it usually takes place at different times. This “thing” represents growth and longevity of life. In fact, most honor it with a celebration; some throw a party, some book a trip… Typically there’s cake involved, other times there’s social beverages. Whichever way you decide to enjoy yourself, your birthday is a special day!

Acrobats risked injury to put on a memorable show for the audience.

Acrobats performed dangerous stunts you should definitely not try at home!

William’s Birthday Bash

William C. had often spoke enthusiastically about his birthday’s approach in the early months of this year. With this in mind, the Dream.Wish.Wonder. team got to work making his birthday an extra special affair. After reaching out and sharing the Dream Team’s mission, BAC staff members Maggie S. and Donna D. were gifted four VIP tickets to a circus – an event William had longed to see. Picking up the boys from their home, the gang traveled to Kissimmee for front row seats to an amazing show.

Lined on the walls of the venue were tons of posters announcing the greatest show in town. Once inside, the four scurried over to the concession stand because, let’s face it, endless bags of popcorn are always a necessity. After taking their seats in the arena, the lights dimmed, music came on, and the show officially began.

Acrobats danced around the stage and clowns interacted with the audience for some laughs. Motorcyclists even performed death-defying stunts, one including driving inside a steel cage racing upside-down and all around! The crowd was amazed with the performances and the talent in the show was well above par.

Having a truly special birthday celebration, William and the friends who accompanied him had a marvelous time. With this fun day of festivity in the books, it’s going to be interesting seeing what William will plan for his birthday next year!

To learn more about the Dream.Wish.Wonder. program, contact Maggie Schmitt.

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