At The Studio, located in Brevard Achievement Center’s (BAC) Rockledge location, Art Director Heidi Popp does a remarkable job getting creative juices flowing. Each day of the week she welcomes BAC clients into her classroom to create. From sculpting large sea turtles, to painting organic beach scenes, Heidi and her team produce fantastic work.

Letting art become a tool for self-expression, students work in the classroom setting to unwind and relax. She encourages free-form drawing and artistic accountability. All to help aid in the creative process. Through her monitoring of the student’s work, Heidi came across one very talented young man who’s sketchbook was full of incredible drawings.

A boy sketches in a sketchbook.

Ben often spends his time drawing or sketching in his notebook.

Ben with the Pen

For many years, illustrator and BAC client, Ben, has been an avid sketch artist. Once he has a pen in his hand, true artistry comes to life. If you flip through his sketchbook you will find extremely detailed buildings and architecture. Often times, “looking better than the original.” Only attending BAC three days a week, the improvements in his artwork have been vast and significant.

A few weeks ago, Ben began working on drawing the Golden Gate Bridge. What started as an attempt to recreate this structure from a printout, is now known throughout BAC as a masterpiece! Once the word got out about Ben’s fantastic drawing skills, many BAC staff and clientele ventured into The Studio to see the designs for themselves.

“His artwork and attention to detail is truly amazing,” shared BAC Intern Gabrielle. “I am excited to see what else he’s got!”

With as remarkable a drawing as this piece is, we look forward to seeing what else Ben will create. Thanks to Heidi, Ben is using his fullest potential here at The Studio.

A boy sketches a very detail oriented picture of the Golden Gate bridge.

The side-by-side comparisons of the Golden Gate Bridge and Ben’s art are hard to determine which is which!

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