After having golfed on a putting green some odd years ago, Nas R. was eager to take on an 18-hole course. He expressed his desire to hit the greens when the Dream. Wish. Wonder. team was taking requests. And to Nas’s surprise, his dream was the next one to be filled.

A golf shirt pressed and steamed, a slight morning breeze

On Tee Day, Nas sat on his porch swing eagerly awaiting Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) staff member Jenna Beck, her husband Brian and son Eric, who volunteered to make the day possible. When they arrived, Nas ran to their car, jumped in and off they went to the country club.

With a 2:30 p.m. tee-time on the horizon, the team, who were joined by BAC’s Tony Smith, got ready for a round of golf.

The team quickly realized that Nas meant business. On the first hole, Nas grabbed a driver and tee from the golf bag and swung a successful first shot. The game was on.

Give it a good whack!

It was clear from the outset that Nas really bonded with Brian.

“I could see that Brian and Nas were bonding,” said Jenna. “But, when Brian told Nas to ‘give it a good whack’ the first time he went to swing, I knew that phrase would catch on.”

And when a seven-foot alligator appeared just off the fairway, the team thought for sure he’d shout that to Brian.

“Not even an alligator took Nas off his game,” said Jenna. She added that even hitting a ball in the water didn’t affect his score sheet.

All the way home, Nas talked excitedly about the day, laughed about hitting the ball in the water and giving it a good whack. That’s what dreams are made of.

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Nas and Tony sit in the golf car, relaxing between holes.

Nas and Tony relax between holes.