Demand for qualified candidates for entry-level IT roles are at record highs, while the unemployment rate for people with disabilities has sky-rocketed to more than 18 percent in recent months. Launch IT graduates will provide an effective solution to both these workforce challenges. 

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Brevard Achievement Center (BAC), an industry leader in serving people with disabilities, has partnered with Codecraft Works, to create “Launch IT,” a customized educational program geared toward veterans or adults with disabilities who are interested in pursuing careers in the Information Technology (IT) field.  
Codecraft Works is an educational technology company that specializes in a blended learning approach to computer science, engineering, and cybersecurity curriculums. 

Launch IT training will be conducted via virtual platforms that are accessible to those with unique abilities, including those with visual impairments or who are deaf or hard of hearing.   

This six-month program is designed for veterans or adults with disabilities over age 18 who have an interest in a career in the IT industry. Please see the “More Information & FAQ” section below for the next start date and the application deadline.
The program offers two technical certification tracks led by the Codecraft Works team. Participants of both tracks will receive BAC’s intensive, wrap-around support services designed to build the soft skills needed for workforce readiness. When combined, these services will provide participants with the key tools and industry knowledge they need for successful employment. 



Two Technical Certification Tracks:

Workplace Soft Skills & Business Training Certifications – All participants

Google Workspace Certification (Formerly G Suite) best practices in Google Docs,
Google Sheets, Google Slides and Gmail.
Career Planning
Job Shadowing
Resume and Cover Letters
Interview Skills
Writing for Workplace Success
Team Building
Workplace Relationship Building
Managing Workplace Stress
Active Listening

Web Development & Accessibility
Google Analytics for Beginners
Advanced Google Analytics
Google Analytics for Power Users
Codecraft Works Web Application Development and Programming
IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) Credential Certification (Optional Goal)

Possible Careers:
Web Developer
User Experience Designer
Accessibility Professional
Compliance Team Member

IT Services
CompTIA IT – Fundamentals
Google IT Support Professional Certification
CompTIA A+ Certification or Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certification (Optional Goal)

Possible Careers:
IT Support Technician
Help Desk Specialist
IT Assistant


The addition of BAC’s services to the Codecraft Works technical tracks will provide the added level of support, customized training and wrap-around services that will be the key difference for our participants with disabilities to thrive,” said BAC President & CEO, Amar Patel. “Our ultimate goal is to provide a pipeline of highly qualified entry-level employees who are ready and willing to fill IT support roles, with both the technical and soft skills employers tell us they are looking for in team members with or without disabilities. 

Potential candidates should have an interest in a career in the IT industry, basic computer experience, and the problem-solving capacity to develop skills, knowledge, and workplace readiness. Because the course work will be virtual, applications are open to individuals located outside of Brevard County as well. All candidates must self-identify as a veteran or a person with a disability and are expected to pass a competency assessment to determine their ability to work at the required levels of proficiency in math, communication, and social skill to be successful within the context of the program. 

Because the course work will be virtual, applications are open to individuals located anywhere in the US.
Florida Vocational Rehabilitation Participants welcome to apply! Discuss this training opportunity with your VR Counselor TODAY!

Program training fee assistance available for individuals with disabilities who have financial need and do not qualify for other Employment Support Services. Contact Sue Bassett at 321.446.3539 or for further info.


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