Lanny G., BAC client

Lanny is a custodian at Lotane & Associates

BAC prides itself on its people, especially those we serve. That’s why when our employee partners tell us how wonderful a match is working, we want the world to hear their feedback, too.

Client Lanny G. was working with Tara Edginton, an employment coordinator in BAC’s Employment Services department’s Titusville office, to find a job. When he and Tara were together during the week, the two would search online for available employment opportunities. At other times, Lanny took it upon himself to contact CareerSource-Brevard to discover what they had to offer. But it was a phone call Tara made to one of her employer partners that stopped the search.

Lotane & Associates has hired several of my clients,” she said. “I decided to contact them to see if they had any openings that fit Lanny’s qualifications.”

Not only did the law firm interview Lanny, they practically hired him on the spot.

“The firm was so impressed with Lanny, on his first day the managing partner asked him to clean and detail his private plane!” Tara said. Recently, Tara contacted Julie Tookes, operations director, to check-in and make sure Lanny was still doing well on the job. This is what Julie had to say:

“I want you to know how thrilled we are with Lanny! He is a superstar for sure. His work ethic is like none other, determination superseding, and his attitude, perfect. We are so blessed to have him here and feel like he was a match made in Heaven. Thank you again for being a great partner in our community!” 

Lotane & Associates has had such a positive relationship with BAC over the years that when Julie was asked to give a testimonial in a BAC promotional video last year, she didn’t hesitate to say yes.

BAC’s Employment Services department works with many businesses to either hire a client or provide an On the Job Training (OJT) opportunity; but, more business partners are always welcome. If you’re a business that would like to hear more about ways you can partner with BAC, contact Robert Gramolini, vice president of Employment Services.