The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), the overseer of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), has interpreted the definition of “integrated competitive community employment” within the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to mean “in the labor market.” Furthermore, they are saying that, as far as they’re concerned, even jobs on AbilityOne contracts (i.e. Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Air Force Base, etc.) are NOT considered integrated employment because the majority, or almost all, of the workers have disabilities. This means that VR will not allow (i.e. pay) agencies like BAC to place a client on a contract position due to this interpretation.

For obvious reasons, BAC and its peer agencies are against this interpretation because it’s limiting job opportunities for people with disabilities. That’s why we ask you to PLEASE contact your legislators and tell them that the RSA’s interpretation is wrong. Limiting employment opportunities for people with disabilities is not the direction we need to go.  Thank you for taking action!