Alyson and Samuels at Molly Mutt’s

When Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) client, Alyson O., started her On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunity at the Brevard Humane Society’s Molly Mutt Thrift Shop in Titusville, she had confidence in herself and her abilities, but was unsure of where she would be a good fit jobwise. Alyson and her mother would visit Molly Mutt’s and other thrift stores often so she felt comfortable working there. She also knew some of the employees because of their frequent visits.

At the thrift shop, Alyson was able to strengthen her ability to communicate with co-workers and customers, as well as develop a stronger sense of how to spot theft, all while working independently. In addition, her supervisor Heather Kelly said Alyson followed directions with no issues or reserve and was very cooperative. As a result, Kelly wrote a strong letter of recommendation for Alyson and said she would be a great fit as an associate at Sears or Wal-Mart. Alyson also got strong reviews from her training reports which stated that she had excelled in her performance in the six weeks she had been there.

“Customers at the shop would ask if she was around for them to talk to and help find merchandise,” said Alyson’s BAC Employment Coordinator, Don Samuels. “Working at Molly Mutt’s gave Alyson even more self-confidence and sense of purpose.”

But work wasn’t the only place Alyson thrived. Alyson’s mother said that she was amazed at her daughter’s attitude after she started the OJT.

“Alyson developed a routine of going to bed early then waking up in time to eat breakfast, choose her clothes for work and get to work on time,” her mom said. “I definitely noticed a positive change in her attitude after she started working at Molly Mutt’s.”

Now that the OJT opportunity is over, Alyson said she had a great experience working at the thrift shop and had good trainers and supervisors. Now, she wants to find work in the community. Samuels added that this is the goal he and Alyson are working together to achieve.