Nate and his friends pose for a photo while on set for his music video.

Nate and his crew were more than excited to be the focal point of the camera’s eye.

Snoop Dogg. Eminem. Notorious Nate. Wait, who?

Nate is His Name

Day program client Nate W. has always wanted to make a rap video. But his dream seemed out of reach for many reasons. That is until Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) launched its Dream. Wish. Wonder. program last year.

When Nate mentioned to Cindi Spainhour in Habilitation that his dream was to make a music video, she submitted his dream to the program for consideration. He patiently waited for months wondering if he’d ever have his time to shine. When summer intern Gabrielle Hall arrived at BAC, however, the stars aligned.

Hall, fresh from graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Film, worked part-time for an Orlando-based record label that promoted rap artists. Armed with this knowledge, Maggie Schmitt, leader of the Dream. Wish. Wonder. program, went to Hall to see if she’d make Nate’s passion come to life. Hall eagerly accepted the role.

“I had no idea the impact I could make on someone’s life coming into this internship,” Hall said. “Working with Nate and seeing how eager he was to have his own music video made me extremely enthusiastic to make his vision come to life.”

It’s a Rap

After several production meetings with Hall and Schmitt, BAC’s resident rapper could be seen walking around the halls of BAC with an extra pep in his step. He loved all the ideas they presented to him and helped pick out the location, wardrobe and cast members for his set. Nate even got VIP treatment in BAC’s “recording studio” where Hall logged his freestyle for playback on production day.

Arriving on set early, the Dream Team had everything ready to go. Cameras were in place and the matching “Notorious Nate” t-shirts were pressed and ready for wear. Nate was nothing but smiles. He got to hear his freestyle played over loud speakers for the very first time. “Aw, yeah!” he’d say. “Let’s get things poppin!”

Together, Nate and his posse made the ultimate music video.

“Every time he sees me around BAC now he thanks me for making his dream come to life,” Hall said.

BAC can’t wait to see what kind of music Notorious Nate creates next.

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