Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) has more than a dozen contracts both in and outside of its home state of Florida. It is on these contract sites that BAC clients of all abilities are able to earn an income in exchange for work. Often times, employers are reluctant to hire people with disabilities, which is why our mission is what it is; We are determined to provide equal workplace opportunities for all and applaud the companies who are willing to give us a chance.

Man sits behind wheel of floor waxing machine inside a grocery store.

“Mad Max” of Hurlburt Field is responsible for operating this heavy-duty machine!

A Visit from the President

Most recently, BAC President and CEO, Amar Patel, visited the Panhandle – home of three of our contract sites. It was here where Amar had the opportunity to engage with coworkers and see their performance skills in the workplace.

“Meeting BAC coworkers face-to-face is always fun,” shared Amar. “I get to thank them for their hard work and work alongside them to better understand the productivity they do. Because we have so many distant sites, I rarely get to visit them all each year. Fortunately, the senior leadership team and HR help by getting out to the sites as well.”

One of Amar’s stops was at Hurlburt Field. While here, Amar had the opportunity to catch up with Nate, a longtime associate. “Nate is currently and self-stocker,” continued Amar. “He was the first associate we hired eighteen years ago. And believe it or not, he has only taken four sick days off!” It is this tenacity that allows BAC to continue to have a good repertoire within the community.

Following, Amar’s next two stops were Whiting Field and Corry Field’s Naval Air Stations. “I had dinner with the crews here and discussed their work ethic,” he recalls. “Each and every team member performs their work with grace. Especially Vonceial R. who serves as the assistant Project Manager at Corry.”

Furthermore, this trip was a success. It reminded BAC of the work that has been done and the work that is yet to come. “There is still a significant need to create jobs for people with disabilities,” reminds Amar. “We look forward to being a part of that solution.”

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