David O. at Clerk of the Court job

David at the Clerk’s office

The Brevard County Clerk of the Court has been a strong advocate for Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) clients for 15 years providing them with numerous opportunities for personal success in that time. Because Scott Ellis and his team have been such a strong advocate for people with disabilities in the Brevard community, the agency will recognize the Clerk of the Court’s office with the Employ, Empower Award at its inaugural E2A Awards ceremony on October 25. BAC client, David B. knows firsthand what a welcome environment Ellis’s team has created.

David B., a Deputy Clerk at the Viera Courthouse, handles such tasks as processing legal documents, motions and orders and creating case dockets. He also assists and responds to inquiries from attorneys, judicial officers, law enforcement and the general public. His son, Eric, even got to learn about his job because the Clerk’s office allowed David to bring the young man into work one day. Not only did Eric shadow his dad, he visited a courtroom and also was able to experience what it was like to be locked up in the “slammer.”

“I’m going to make sure I never go to jail,” Eric said. “Those cells are small!”

Eric also got to ride from home to work and back in a BAC van since David participates in the agency’s new transportation program. David is grateful for the program since it has not only made life easier for him, but his family as well.

“I used to have to leave my house at 7:00 a.m. to get to work by 8:00 a.m.,” David said, “but now I can sleep a little bit more, leave later and still get to work on time. It is a huge stress relief.”

David is just one great example of how Ellis and the Clerk of the Court’s office have created an inclusive workplace in the Space Coast community and why BAC is proud to honor them this year.

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