Like Marlin and Dory, Justin M. and Joan Albano shared a special bond under the sea.

Justin, a Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) Adult Day Training (ADT) client, dreamed of going to the aquarium. He shared this with BAC’s Dream. Wish. Wonder. program. However, this dream had a Part B – ensuring that his friend, BAC staff member Joan Albano, could go with him.

Justin looks over the edge of a fish tank.

Justin peeks into the life of some aquatic species.

Sea-ing the aquarium

Justin was beyond excited to share a day with his close friend at the Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando. He was

overcome with joy as he pointed to the different displays on exhibit. It was evident that Justin was ready to learn, experience and enjoy the ocean’s ecosystem with Joan.

“The first few tanks we observed were filled with colorful aquatic animals and jellyfish,” said Albano. “The aquarium did a nice job using touchscreen technology to make the exhibits interactive, too. In fact, when Justin saw that he could  change the color of the water in the jellyfish tank, he turned it green. Of course, I had to snap a photo.”

Shark-sized tour

Proceeding prior activities, Justin and Joan ventured on to an exciting opportunity… A walk through an underwater tunnel filled with sharks and sea turtles led the way to their to a prearranged VIP tour.

The pair saw how to prepare fish food, learned about the daily feed schedule and how trainers kept the fish happy and healthy. Following, the guide took Justin and Joan to the top of a massive tank. Here they observed how divers care for t

he animals.

“I don’t know which he liked more, seeing the divers in action or getting fist bumps from them before they dove in the tank,” said Albano.

When the pair returned to Justin’s house, he was quick to show his mom the stuffed turtle he purchased and the special photo he got to commemorate the day.

“Justin got to live out his dream while I had the pleasure of remembering why I love my job,” Albano concluded.

Justin uses a touchscreen device to learn about sea life.

Using an interactive screen, Justin learns about sea life featured at the aquarium.

Justin admires the green water in the jellyfish tank.

The fish tank he turned green.


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