Offering services to persons with disabilities is but one aspect of Brevard Achievement Center (BAC). For those who need a second chance, BAC can be that guiding light. This nondiscriminatory environment is what makes our clientele and those who work with us have a positive experience, and one that frequently leads to success.

Dennis H. proudly wears his BAC shirt.

Smiling with success, Dennis H. shares his story of growth and leadership.

A Second Chance

For some odd years, Dennis H. had worked as a cab driver. This time in his life led him to involve himself with the “wrong crowd.” In 2004 he came to BAC seeking a change. Having been hired under the AbilityOne program’s criteria, Dennis began as a part-time shelf-stocker at a federal contract site for the Defense Commissary Agency. For months his work ethic was solid and steady until the bad crowd he once associated with came back around.

Facing some burdens, Dennis voluntarily resigned from BAC that following year. He began receiving help from a support center that referred him back to BAC for employment opportunities upon his completion of the program. This was the next step towards change and personal growth. He applied and was re-hired in 2006 in the same shelf-stocker position.

The Climb to Success

As he diligently worked his job, Dennis acquired a position to support the warehouse as a Material Handler. Within one year he quickly moved to a full-time position involving primary warehouse duties. Two years later Dennis got promoted again this time working exclusively as a Forklift Operator. Nevertheless, three years later, Dennis earned a promotion once more. He was now a Warehouse Specialist.

Being acknowledged for his work ethic, Dennis received recognition and attained a promotion yet again. He now works as a Warehouse Lead. This position allows Dennis to fill managerial shoes as he oversees four employees working on BAC’s contractual obligations. His specific duties include control over product arrival, offloading products from the trucks and breaking down/sorting product pallets in preparation for other shelf-stockers. This job is one of significant responsibility.

“[I like] BAC because they help the people with disabilities that are not your typical workers,” shares Dennis, “and they give a second chance.” He goes on to discuss how BAC “offers flexibility and a level of comfort through the support,” as well as how the Employment Assistance Program helped him utilize Lifeworks when he was faced with difficult times.

Dennis recalled how it could have been easy to re-engage in previously negative behaviors during these difficult periods in his life. Instead he chose to concentrate on work and the development of his vocational skill-set to continue forward and make change. “BAC helps to keep me focused and gives me peace-of-mind and a steady income so I have less worries for me and my family,” he said.

Dennis has become an example for other associates working within BAC’s employment opportunities. By demonstrating that working hard and staying focused can really make a difference, Dennis is a true inspiration to all.

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